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Victoria’s Friends Foundation believes that every child deserves a chance to fully participate in society.  We are dedicated to providing physically disabled children with the assistive equipment that allows them to more fully participate in everyday life.

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Victoria’s Friends Foundation was established to help special needs children obtain the durable medical equipment necessary to fit the needs of the child when all other resources are exhausted. Families of special needs children quickly learn the pros and cons of medical insurance coverage. We rely on our resources to aid these children for their medical and developmental needs. Having theses apparatuses will help the children be independent and feel included.


Examples of such durable medical equipment consists of, but is not limited to:

•  Stander (aids the child to learn to bear weight, stand)

•  Switch toys (for children who are unable to activate a toy independently)

•  Communication devices (aids the child to speak, communicate, acts as a voice)

•  Swimming floats (aids the child to swim)

•  Specially equipped car seats (special needs children out grow store bought car seats)

•  Specially equipped bicycle

•  Bath chairs

Victoria's Friends Foundation is a non-profit organization. Tax Exempt under section 501 (C) 3 of the Federal Tax Code EIN# 36-4559899

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