I would like to introduce myself first and foremost as the mother of my beautiful girls, Christina and Victoria. I am also the President of the Victoria’s Friends Foundation. Victoria’s foundation is extremely important to our family.  Actually, it has also become very important to those who knew Victoria and even many who haven’t even met her, but have listened to our memories. There is nothing more heartbreaking than losing your child. It is the darkest day and a place no one should ever be. So, honoring our Victoria through smiles of other children helps to ease the daily pain. However, there is nothing more rewarding than giving something to someone that they truly need to feel a little taste of freedom. It’s a simple word many of us take for granted and has limitless definition.

FREEDOM: The condition of being free; the condition of being able to use or move about as desired; ease of action or movement.

When you wake up in the morning, how wonderful it is to step out of bed unassisted, to have the ability to brush your own teeth, even speaking the words, “good morning”.

TREASURER - John Flick

My name is John Flick. I am Victoria Flick’s father, and Treasurer of the foundation. I know the struggles of being a special needs parent, but I also know the joy that comes from having a child with special needs. Hopefully, with your help, and the help of others, the Victoria’s Friends Foundation will help alleviate some of those struggles and add some much needed joy to other families of special needs children.

SECRETARY - Maureen McNulty

My name is Maureen McNulty and I am the Secretary for the Victoria’s Friends Foundation and was Victoria's Godmother. I have seen firsthand the struggles that families go through raising a child with a disability. I am thrilled to be able to help families obtain what they need and are sometimes unable to obtain through this wonderful foundation.  Sometimes, just a bike, stroller, walker and even a toy brings a ray of sunshine to these children and their families. I am very eager to spread the word about this Foundation and let the “sun shine in!”

MEMBER - Dawn DiPierro

My name is Dawn DiPierro and I’m the proud aunt of Victoria (Aunt Doe Doe). My hopes are to have everyone that comes to our 5k love it so much that they bring their friends and family the following year, and every year after.  Not just because of the food, entertainment and raffles, but because of what the foundation does... what it stands for.

MEMBER - Dan McLaughlin

Hello, my name is Dan McLaughlin and I am Victoria’s uncle. To actively participate in an organization that influences the lives of others, especially children, is extremely satisfying and emotionally uplifting. The personal satisfaction happens by either contributing to or directing a successful project with the likelihood of an annual sequel. The sensation of accomplishment happens when you witness the impact of your endeavors to an individual or other organization. I am thrilled to be a part of this wonderful endeavor.

MEMBER - Catherine Hitchner

Hello, my name is Catherine Hitchner and I am Victoria’s grandmother. Victoria was handicapped, but she could ride a bike and she loved to swim and did so much more. She was lucky she had the apparatus’ to make it possible. Join us in bringing some joy to the special needs children, in memory of Victoria.

MEMBER - Christina Flick

My name is Christina Flick and I am the proud sister of Victoria. I have so many memories growing up with my sister and I am honored my parents have made me a Board Member of the foundation. With summer quickly approaching, many things are on people’s minds. One thing that I hope people remember every year is that during the month of June is our annual fundraiser for the foundation. In the past, we have had a great outcome and raised money that goes towards helping other special needs children. Now that we have established a board for the foundation, we hope this year will be even more successful. The support we have from others is overwhelming and I know that Victoria’s very happy and proud of everyone who makes this such a great event.

MEMBER - The Lafferty Family

The Lafferty family is honored to be a part of the Victoria’s Friends Foundation. We never had the blessing of knowing Victoria
personally, but have grown to love her through the stories, pictures and videos that have been shared with us. Being a part of the
Board of Directors allows us to help other special needs children get the equipment that they would otherwise not have to make their lives easier. There is nothing better than seeing the smile on a child’s face when they are able to do something for the first time because of having the right equipment.

MEMBER - Debbi Cahill- McLaughlin

I am a long time friend of Debbie, Johnny, Christina and Victoria’s. I had the honor and pleasure of being one of Victoria’s babysitters so that Debbie, Johnny and Tina could spend time together and never have to worry about Victoria’s well being. My 3 sons and I loved every minute of our time together with her and will cherish every memory. I am very excited that the Foundation has asked me to be a board member. With the board in place we can take her foundation to a whole new level.

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